Starting An I.V. Handbook
Written BY Midwives, FOR Midwives

Starting An I.V. HandbookCompact and designed to fit in your birth bag. You'll love it as a quick review or a reference for your emergency skills.


This handbook is designed as a guide for midwives who work primarily in an out-of-hospital setting. This book serves as an overview. I.V. therapy should be learned initially with an instructor who can teach theory and help refine your skills. This handbook is a useful guide to continued practice of skills, particularly for those midwives who serve women in remote areas where starting an I.V. line can truly save a life.




  • An overview of I.V. Therapy in Hypovolemic Shock
  • Being Prepared
  • Technique for Starting an I.V.
  • Sites Commonly Used for I.V. Access
  • Other Uses for Catheter Access
  • Difficulty With I.V. Access
  • Temperature of I.V. Fluids
  • Conclusion
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